10 Highlights from Lunch Today

Thanks Jeanne for the topic. Today I had lunch with Kim, Cheryl and Deb, here is my Tuesday 10 in honor of this lunch.

10 Highlights from Lunch Today
  1. Meeting Cheryl for the first time.
  2. Her darling quiet children (I thought someone told me they were rowdy - clearly they are not).
  3. Interrupting calls from my co-worker (ok so not my favorite highlight)
  4. Getting gifts from Deb and Cheryl - it was like my birthday all over.
  5. My Satay Chicken.
  6. The Sauce for my Satay Chicken.
  7. Seeing my BFF Kim.
  8. Taking Photos in the lobby.
  9. Good conversation.
  10. Hearing that Cheryl spent $75 at Archivers (I only spent $25 this afternoon - hehe)


Jeanne said...

Only $25 at Archivers??? What's wrong with you! :)

Pam said...

Glad you had fun today! Sounds like a great day except for the iratating co worker

Janelle said...

I'm glad you finally got to meet Cheryl! Sounds like a fun lunch!