Tuesday 10 - The Good and The Bad

I almost forgot about this weeks list but I remembered. Here's this weeks list in honor of the good and bad things going on in my life right now, was it sir issac newton who said - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction well I haven't figured them all out yet but seems that with some of these he might have been right.
Tuesday 10 The Good and The Bad:
  1. Good - Went to the track Saturday with Jeanne and Rick!
  2. Bad - I got really really sunburnt at the track Saturday.
  3. Good - My sunburn might turn into a nice tan. :)
  4. Bad - I pulled some muscles in my back.
  5. Good - Jay's now in charge of all the house work and cooking (it's just a like a maid only much cuter).
  6. Bad - My project at work might be coming to an end soon (September).
  7. Good - Some of the next projects sound like lots of fun - India or NYC!
  8. Bad - My grandpa is in the hospital.
  9. Good - My aunt is able to stay and take care of him and my grandma.
  10. I could have tossed in another bad one but I want to end on a positive note so - Good - I got a nice Box in the mail from Laura today.

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