Some Uglies

My brother finally got his Uglies so I can share these with you.

Here's one I made way back for Jay's step-neice - we called him Grimace. She liked all her dolls.
One that Kim Shrum received. I think his name was Fugly Buttons
This is Deno! He was supposed to be a giraffe. But looks like a dinosaur we decided to keep him since he's got some shadey craftsmanship.
These were for Jay Jones - they are Ketchup and Jello probably my cutest uglies.


rmeyfe said...

I love the last ones. They look like little penguins!!

Stephanie said...

I love Ketchup and Jello.. I need to make some of those.... probally wouldnt be as cute as yours though..

Marti said...

I love the dinosaur looking one and Ketchup and Jello! How cute!

Janelle said...

I love Ketchup and Jello, too ~ they definitely look like little penguins. You know... if you ever feel like making me one of your creations... I DO collect penguins! LOL!