Tuesday 10 - 10 Michigan Moments

I should have wrote things down as they happened like Mom but I'm not anal enough for that. So here's my Tuesday 10 a day late.
Tuesday 10 - 10 Michigan Moments:
  1. Grandpa telling Grandma that "those people" emailed her. ("Those People" = their longtime friends Neil and Mary I think it was).
  2. Hanging out at the Beach in the Fog.
  3. Mom telling me that even though she couldn't read the actually locations on the map that since she could see the curve and it looked the same as the one we were on we must be getting close.
  4. Feeding the chipmunks. I think they love Grandma their cheeks were so packed with food I'm quite sure if they actually ate the food they would explode.
  5. Mom asking the AAA tire guy - "How do we avoid running over screws?"
  6. Looking for beach glass.
  7. The freezing cold lake superior water nothing like going into shock when you stick your toes in.
  8. Guy on porch telling Aunt Thea that the Berry Patch was out of ice cream and her believing him.
  9. Sharing Onion Rings, Nachos and Black Bean Salad with Aunt Rachel for dinner I'm sure that sounds appetizing doesn't' it?
  10. Watching the sunset.

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