Hello from the land of dairy....

Or something to that effect. I am here in Milwaukee, WI blogging from my TV. Yes that's right my television in my hotel room this is what happens when you forget your laptop. Jay is taking a nap. Our 4 hour drive took almost 5.5 when we seemed to hit every patch of construction in Illinios and Wisconsin.
we did finally make it to our first stop the Jelly Belly factory though. We went onn a tour train ride through what appears to be the warehouse not the factory which was much to my dismay. But it was fun regardless and afterwards we got postcards and souvenirs (including but not limited to Dr. Pepper and grape soda jelly bellys and very cherry jellies, and pressed pennies).
from here we made our way to downtown Milwaukee (or as wayne and garth would say MillEwalkAY). Downtown is a mess of constructionn it's like some kind of chaotic mess, and there's all these people everywhere. So we decided to table our adventures to find some italian sausage and cheese until tomorrow, and we headed to our hotel. We are staying in the burbs in a lovely marriott with a rowdy little league team called the cyclones - forunately they are actually a few rooms down and not right on top of us. After checking out the digs we got directions for lunch ideas and set off for some lunch. After seeing numberous places we finally settled on a lovely place called Dano Charogrill or something to this effect. We started out meal will the yummiest cheesesticks after eating them we regretted ordering an actual meal we were so full. But then our soupp (which apparently comes with everything at Charo's arrived and it smelled so good we couldn't not taste it. It was worthy indeed I thought Jay wouldn't give it a chance when he was examining it but to my surprise he liked it. We couldn't eat much of it before our meals came I had some kind of cajun chicken sandwich and jay prime rib sandwich. Both were yummy although we weree so full we only ate a few bites before we were ready for a box.
After lunch we came back to the hotel so Jay could nap as he's going onn 40 some hours with no sleep. So here I am. So I can't share any pictures of our adventures but I haven't a clue how that would be accomplished on this TV. Later - K


Jeanne said...

Have fun, but don't become a cheesehead! :)

KSmith said...

Good luck with the TV interneting. Enjoy your vacation too