Houghton, Michigan

We took a little journey into Houghton this morning - I haven't been here since I was a small child probably 10-11. Anyhow Houghton once was a copper mining town. It is connected to Hancock Michigan via a lift bridge I think it move so tall boats can pass under it (not sure how that works but I hope my grandpa can explain it). This is also the home of Michigan Tech University (maybe you've heard of it maybe not). Lots of Finnish settlers came here way back when probably because of the long cold snowy winters - in fact one of the shops sold these little finish bags and games and things made by a company called marimekko - too cute! We walked around downtown there's not many people around in fact most of the little shops didn't open until 11. We bought some souvenirs and postcards and then drove around a bit. Here's a few of the things we saw.

I believe this is an old copper mine along the river. It's partially falling down but isn't it cute. Look at how rustic and perfect it is along the waters edge.
Here's the lift bridge according to my postcard it once allowed Trains to pass on the lower level; however today that's used for foot traffic.
Mom outside of the old Daily Mining Gazette Building - the Gazette had been the local area paper since 1858 - that's a LONG time. A little miner statue. This may or may not be my great-grandmother's childhood home we haven't talked to grandpa yet to confirm and mom isn't quite sure as she hasn't been here in a long long time and she hasn't been by her house in even longer.

Now we are off to see ourselves a copper mine. More Soon.


Jeanne said...

I love following along on your trip :)

Kim said...

This is like being on vacation with you! Great pics and great stories! Thanks for sharing!