Quincy Mining and Eagle Harbor

Well we spent a little bit of the afternoon at Quincy Mine we didn't have enough time to see if we could get some copper out of the mine. But we did walk around the graveyard of old mining tools (check out my ride below).
After that we went to Hancock Airport as Aunt Thea was arriving on the 4:50 flight. The airport was much smaller than I imagined I was surprised how close you can park to it. But surprisingly the plane that arrived was bigger that I imagined I thought it would be about the size of the one that USAir put me one when they tried to send me to Bangor. Thea made it here safely and actually a little early and G&G met us at the airport to pick her up too. We drove the scenic route to Eagle Harbor passing the dunes and the thimbleberry patches. We got to G&G's cottage and took in their groceries. Then we headed to the Eagle Harbor Inn for supper. They have the cutest little restaurant in there with these big windows. After supper mom and thea walked back to the cottage and Grandma and I drove back.
After a little chat mom, thea and I went for a little stroll to see the sunset on the lake. The Rocks and lighthouse are almost the same as I remember except there seems to be many more trees and bushes growing amongst them. We took the long way back and looked for someone's hand prints but we didn't find them.
Mom and I left not long after we got back to the cabin as it was getting late. On the way home the low tire pressure light came on in my car and of course I'm all worried about this as there's not really much in this area. Luckily we came across the Calumet gas station and we were able to get air into the tire just in time - at some point we must have run over of something as it was VERY low when I added air to the tire. So I filled it up and we crossed our fingers we would make it back to the hotel. Luckily we did and I stopped at the walmart gas station across the street just to be sure there would be enough air so I can take it to the tire place tomorrow. More adventures tomorrow I'm sure Aunt Rachel and my cousin Sara will arrive too so it shall be fun I'm sure.

Oh and here's a few photos we snapped. Me at Quincy mine do you like my Jeep? it was very very rusty and not really stable but I couldn't resist the photo opp.

Mom with a pulley that once pulled the miners and copper out of Quincy mine doesn't she look nice?

Eagle Harbor Light House just as I remember with a few more taller trees.
Rocks in Eagle Harbor. Aunt Thea on the the rocks and amongst the vegitation.

And last but not least one of the sunset.


Stephanie said...

Great pic!! TFS!!

Hope your having a great time!!

Kim said...

Wow...looks like fun, except the tire part..and I know the rest of the story since we chatted this morning! LOL The sunset picture is to die for!

cmscrapperjen said...

I just love the pictures you took!! My favorite one is the sunset.