27 So Far...

not entirely different that 27.
got up with a phone call from mom.
messed around the house for a bit.
ate a cupcake for breakfast.
surely that's not good for the waistline.
jay gets up around 11.
we pick a movie out of the paper.
head to metropolis - a FUN mall.
talk to lita on the phone.
she has birthday greetings for me.
talk to jon jones on the phone.
he has birthday greetings for me.
fun fun fun.
poke around outside before movie.
see ratatouille.
we are the only adults in the theater without a kid.
i don't worry about this.
jay does.
movie was good.
not as funny as i thought.
enjoyed the animation.
head to red robin for lunch.
this is our first time at red robin.
jay thinks it's too busy.
i tell him i don't care it's my birthday.
it's not really that busy.
we get seated right away.
i order some kind of strawberry lemonade.
it costs $4.
who cares it's my birthday.
yum yum yum.
i have a burger that has pineapple on it.
jay has fancy mac and cheese.
my burger is raw.
ick ick ick.
i send it back to the kitchen.
we get it for free.
what a nice birthday treat.
it is well the second time around.
yum yum yum.
on the way home we stop at a pond.
there's a giant fish in it.
i demand we take pictures with it.
the gorilla enjoys this.
snap snap snap.
drive home and chat with jay jones.
he sends me birthday greetings.
i send him birthday greetings.
we have the same birthday did you know?
arrive home for a little afternoon nap.
snore snore snore.
awake to see a little nascar and concert for diana.
she has our birthday too did you know?
as does sterling marlin.
i'm sure everyone was dying to know these facts.
decide on a trip to walmart.
it is busy.
but not too busy.
we mosey around.
i don't really want anything.
jay wants BBQ sauce.
spend $5.98 on something.
ching ching ching.
head home where i blog this challenge.
happy birthday to me.
27 is not entirely different than 24, 25, or 26.


Jeanne said...

You are finally finding out that age just doesn't matter anymore! LOL!

Sounds like a fun day. :)

Judy said...

Cute story!
Giggle giggle giggle
Happy Birthday!

erin said...

Happy Birthday!
That Red Robin Strawberry Lemonade is delish.

Dawn said...

Cute way of putting this up.

Once again, Happy Birthday!

Oh, and is that fish sculpture near Metropolis? Seems familiar, like I've seen it when over for the Indy crops.

Mimi Russell said...

There is nothing better than a Red Robin Bonzai Burger...but if it was raw, well I agree, it had to be sent back. I'm sure the spit they added just gave it all the more flavor! :) Happy birthday!!!