Tuesday 10 - Looking Forward to Michigan

Well I'm starting to look forward to going to Michigan with Mom. I haven't really thought about it much until I realized we were leaving this Friday. So here's 10 things I'm looking forward to.
  1. The Car Ride - well not really so much it's much to far but it will be fun to catch with Mom.
  2. Cooler Weather - I think the UP is in the 70's yay!
  3. No Humidity - Need I say more.
  4. Nature - Okay I'm not much of a nature person but sometimes it's good to see it anyhow.
  5. Jam - I heard someone was making some.
  6. Black Bears
  7. Seeing my Aunts. I haven't seen Rachel or Thea in over six years.
  8. Seeing G&G.
  9. Lake Superior in all it's coldness.
  10. Working remotely.
Now I'm sure you would have also enjoyed the list of things I'm not looking forward to as well, packing, gas prices, traffic.

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Janelle said...

Have fun in Michigan! :)