15 Things I love!

Since I'm on a roll with all these lists I thought I would keep it rolling since this is this weeks challenge. (Blog about 15 things that you LOVE right now. They don't have to be things you have always loved (but that's not to say they can't) but try and include things that reflect where you are in your life right now and what you are truly enjoying and passionate about. )
So here is my list 15 things Katie Loves Right Now 07.18.07:
  1. Buttons - They seems to be all over lately I just found one in my bathroom sink (not the drain that goodness), I love scrapping buttons, crafting buttons, sewing buttons, keyboard buttons, buttons on my pants, button shirts, elevator buttons, vcr buttons what's not to love.
  2. Polka Dots - I don't know why but I'm crazy for polka dots all the sudden. I just bought polka dot red flats that I can wear to work too cute (not this is where I would insert a photo if I took one).
  3. Talking on the Phone - Sure I love just talking in general I can hold my own in most conversations that don't involve religion or politics but I mostly just enjoy rambling about nothing or everything on my mind. In the last two days I've been over 4 hours on the phone each day. SHOCK FACTOR - I've even been enjoying talking on my cell phone I've never been a big advocate of this before, but I'm finally annoyed that it's got horrible coverage.
  4. Messes - I don't like to clean them up. But I love to make them! I even actually enjoy having them it's like a sense of accomplishment to me it says "someone lives here and enjoys life".
  5. Little tiny miniature things - What is it about these that I'm just drawn to them. I see them and I want them I want to examine them and see how they got so dang little. Micromachines and Polly Pockets where are you?
  6. Rain storms - I especially enjoyed these the last few days as it brings a little hope that might grass might turn a nice lush green again. There's just something about the smell of rain that appeals to me too it's yummy! (Please note I don't really give a hoot about big sticky rain though as there is a difference).
  7. Cheesy Bad British Soaps - Hip Hip hooray for BBC America I can get my fill of bad tv now that all my shows have officially been canceled. If you aren't watching Footballers Wives or Hollyoaks you are seriously missing out on some cheesy bad (good) television.
  8. Working from Home - At first this is a hard transition as I so miss seeing my office buddies but after a while I've become accustomed to having a shower at noon and working from the couch as opposed to my desk.
  9. The Best Year Ever - Everyone should be jealous you don't have a year like I do! As I am so in love with it I might redo 2007 next year! I mean how can you not be jealous of changing jobs and taking one that involves lots of travel and slightly higher pay, tons of BFF get togethers and road trips, free vacations in DC and Phoenix, Scrap Retreats out the wazoo (yes I said wazoo), Rodeos, Trips to Amish Country, Milwaukee cheeses, a birthday that lasts 10 days, and much much more. Seriously you should be jealous! ;)
  10. My New Purses - I must say I like my red one much better than the black even though I thought I would heart the black one the most, the are both a downsize from my old purse but sometimes you don't really need to carry around a 10 pack of batteries or an extra pair of glasses when you are wearing one already.
  11. Jay's passion and excitement for making homemade pizza - (yes I also love Jay) He thinks he's on Top Chef or something on the food network ever since I taught him how to make his own pizza for like less than $3 and you can eat if for more than 2 meals. Unforunately I'm not as excited to want to eat it every night as he would like but I do like a little homemade pie.
  12. The Parking Button in my "newer" car - What's not to love - see item #1 but this button is so much more. When it's pushed so it's on it tells me when I'm going to back into the garage door, or that I'm getting too close to the neighbors fence (which I did run into a time or two). It even beeps like a garbage truck that's backing up! How stinkin cool is that!
  13. The Mailman - I've not yet seen him or I'm sure I would have kissed him by now he's been bringing me all sorts of goodies in the mail lately sure sometimes they come with bills and all that jazz, but he's brought me some sort of treat in the mail every day probably since June 27th. I wonder how long this can keep up.
  14. My BFFs - I'm sure you were wondering if I would go through this entire list without giving them a plug I almost didn't give them a second plug as they are on #9, but I bumped off travel just so I could get them on here again so Travel I do love you so but I love my BFFs a tick more. So here's too my very special BFFs as Kim would say LYLAS!
  15. 79 Cent Slushies From Speedway - What a fabulous treat this is! Hello what is not to love! All summer long Speedway is offering Slushies for less than $1. And Double bonus if you buy 6 and have a Speedy Reward card you get one free! Ching Ching Ching! I am not kidding when I say I have drank no fewer than 12 slushies since they middle of June when I discovered this little deal. Of course they aren't like blue Slushies from J's Dairy Inn. But who the heck cares when it's so freaking cheap. If you haven't had one yet this summer you better run out to your local Speedway! (Dear Speedway Executives - If you are reading this. Let me personally volunteer to be your slushie machine tester. I'm even willing to travel to Alaska to test slushies and how they taste in the super cold if it means drinking more slush, while I'm there I will drink enough for the whole state to make it well worth your while to put a machine in that store. XOXO yours truly Katie (that's big K, littl e a, t, i, e :))


Jeanne said...

You have such a creative way with words!!!


Kim said...

I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying!!!! Great list, KatieJ!

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I'm glad you are having such a wonderful year, and, yes, I am jealous! LOL

Fun list!