We're Back!

That was probably the quickest worldwind tour ever. But we had a lovely time.

Yesterday we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo in the blistering hear it was near 105 with the heat index. We saw lots of critters there my favorite were probably the monkeys although they seemed to be doing some crude things. But they seemed to be some of the only things not sleeping. I did get to touch a stingray and a shark and I also fell down on the wet floor in the exhibit luckily everyone was watching the fish and the only person that saw me bite the big one was the zoo keeper. But now I have some lovely souvenir bruises. One thing I did enjoy at this zoo was they had these little mold your own animal sculptures where you pay and a machine makes you a plastic animal right there. It was pretty cool I got a polar bear.

After that we went to Miller Park where the Brewers play they are out of town so we didn't get to see a game but we saw the stadium and watched a few minutes of a little league all-star game at this mini field they have just outside the field. It's a new stadium with a slide in the outfield but it doesn't look all that new as some of things are already rusting (someone didn't plan well).

Then we went back downtown which isn't any easier to navigate the second time around although this time we did find the Summerfest Music Festival although we didn't do anything but drive by it as we hadn't a clue where you would park. But we did find another park along the lake where we stopped and checked out lake Michigan and some grandeous houses that are along the lake bluffs they were all very nice. After that we got ourselves lost trying to go to the Port of Milwaukee (which is actually a port) not very interesting lots of icky industry and some big ugly boats and trains.

On the way home we stopped at the Cheese Castle and Tom and Tim's House of Cheese to get some Cheese and Sausage (which is all very very yummy). We also got stuck in the Chicago traffic again someone should teach these people how to drive what should have taken us 45 minutes to an hour to drive through took almost 3 hours! Regardless to say we did not stop in at the Pizza Pot Pie Place as we figured we can get it another time. But we made good time once we got to Indiana. Below are some of the pictures I took. I'm trying to upload the whole collection but it's going slow as molasses.

Jay at the lake (please don't mention he needs a hair cut).
Me on a bench this is Florence Someone and her son Tom or Joe or Dave or something and her dog.
Oh the Cheese! I'm not sure if we bought this kind or not but it looked so pretty I had to photograph it.
Me and the Cheese Man. Tom and Tim's Cheese place had several little things to take photos of. The Cheese man was just one of the many.
Now at the Zoo. Here's a baby Banaboo (sp?)
Jay and an Elephant this little guy was all about posing for pictures he was such a ham. His friend however wouldn't look at us.
A Hippo asleep in the sun hopefully he's wearing sunscreen.
The Brown Bears were very active. I think this one wanted to eat a child or something as it was pacing all along the front of it's enclosure growling every so often.

Hank Aaron at Miller Park I didn't know he played for the Brewers and Jay told me he didn't but rather the Milwaukee Braves or something like that.Jay at Miller Park
Katie at Miller Park.
And a few snaps from Saturday too. Downtown Chicago as seen from traffic on I-94/90.
Superman made of Jelly Belly's Mom we took this photo for you!
Me and Jelly Belly (do you like my hat? - they make you wear these on the tour of the warehouse. I'm not really sure what this hat really would catch but it makes a nice souvenir.


Jeanne said...

Sounds like you and the Jayster had a fun weekend! :)

Kim said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, KatieJ!

Janelle said...

Looks like a fun trip! Hey... we were in WI over the weekend, too! (Well, just driving through it on our way to Minneapolis, but still... :) )