Happy Birthday to Me and JJ!

Today is mine and JJ's birthday. We are both another year closer to 30 poor JJ is a little sadder about this than me, but then he is closer than I. Later in this week I'll post my list of 52 goals that I want to reach before 30. But this morning while Jay's still in bed I thought I would share a few pictures of JJ and I taken around our birthday time.

This was 4th of July 1982 we are under the watertower in downtown Oxford. (the watertower is no longer there, but I have a handful of photos of us under it when it was still there).

This one is dated May 1985. Don't you love these hats?
JJ hope you have a fabulous birthday you're present will be a few days late but I did finally finish it. On my agenda today Jay and I are planning to go to the movies and probably out to lunch we are keeping it low-key as I think we'll go on a little roadtrip next weekend.


Jeanne said...

You naughty little thing... looks like you are going to lift up your dress! LOL!!

Happy Birthday Katie and Jay!! :D

Kim said...

LOL, Katie...the pics are priceless!!!