The 52

this year instead of resolutions I usually forget in a day or two - I've come up with a list of 52 non-professional mini goals to accomplish. One for each week although some will span multiple weeks and some can be done in the same week. Each time something is accomplished I will post a little progress here. Feel free to join in (if 52 is far to daunting perhaps go with 12 one for each month). Without further ado here's my list...
  1. Send 52 postcards - Done
  2. Visit Maine - Done!
  3. Purge old shoes - Done although I didn't really get rid of that many.
  4. Make something just for me - Done - Laptop cover
  5. Change my blog format (it needs a facelift) - DONE
  6. Go to the grape (wine) harvest
  7. Organize my dresser drawers - Done
  8. Stop using towels for curtains in my bedroom
  9. EUROPE - Done
  10. Make Sammie doll clothes
  11. See all the movies nominated for best picture before the Oscars - Done after Oscars but I saw the Reader this weekend (It was good).
  12. Go on another K&K road trip
  13. Do something faster than Janelle - Done - I blog faster!
  14. Eat an entire meal blindfolded
  15. Wear Mismatched shoes - Done
  16. Meridian Street home tour
  17. Work in a soup kitchen/food pantry
  18. Buy more vending art - Done
  19. Learn a setting that isn’t auto for my camera - In all fairness jodie tried to teach me.
  20. Make something with sequins
  21. Host a party
  22. Change light bulbs in the garage - DONE (no photo but Jono can attest to this one)
  23. Buy a typewriter - DONE
  24. Talk to grandpa about grannies charm bracelet - DONE JJ even recorded it.
  25. Cook with a new recipe - DONE
  26. Blog once a week - Done in fact I blogged 174 times
  27. Go on a date or even several dates (time to get back out there) - DONE
  28. Get chairs for the kitchen table - 1/2 DONE
  29. See a water polo match
  30. Finish Reading – Hot, Flat, and Crowded
  31. Take a staycation
  32. Do something with my flattened pennies - Started
  33. Guerilla Christmas Ornament Fortunes - DONE
  34. Spend a day on Mass Ave - DONE
  35. Make a new lifelong friend - too soon to tell if it's lifelong
  36. Visit the art stores in the back bay
  37. Get a font of my handwriting
  38. Take Jeanne to that dueling piano bar (we'll let her spin the wheel)
  39. Listen to some different musicians - Done I've been downloading some new music
  40. Hit the treadmill 3 times a week
  41. Write a “best of list” - DONE
  42. Redeem Lita’s girls weekend coupon - DONE
  43. Take a picnic - DONE
  44. Read 2 books about history - DONE
  45. Knit Legwarmers
  46. Grow something - Tomatoes Done
  47. Go to art exhibit opening or show
  48. Do the Crownhill Cemetery tour
  49. Take a hike- Done
  50. Make that t-shirt quilt
  51. Get Jonathan to quit smoking cigarettes (surprisingly he asked for this to be on the list) - DONE
  52. Make another list for 2010 - DONE


Karen C said...

I love the 52 idea. I might have to copy you - although I guess I would have to start thinking about what mine are. Well, I'm going to work tomorrow, nothing will be going on so maybe I'll start to work on my list.

Jeanne said...

I'm not on your list :(

Katie said...

you are there. ornament fortunes and you should come on the K&K roadtrip.

jen said...

LOVE this katie. i admire your creativity!!

erin said...

what a super neat idea! i might have to try making my own list!

Jodie said...

Great idea Katie. Hope you can check them all off. Looking forward to the pictures! Oh and can you add a number 53? Come see one of Logan's football games!

Kim said...

Fun list! I bet Jeanne and I will be involved in a at least a half dozen of them! I'm excited!