Around Here End of November

(Getting Ready for Making Things Party, Dinner, and Bowling)
Another mish mash of random happenings in November.  Early in November I made a giant list of things to do -  like the entertainment center, return library books, finishing two quilts, replace the doorknobs, jog 40 miles (I did 38.75 as of today - I was so close), see Kelli and Lucy before they move, etc and I'm happy to so I completed 38 of the 50 items - the rest I'll just carry the rest over to next month.  It's amazing what one can accomplish when you are living and working in the same city 75% of the time.  To suffice to say it's been an interesting month, I'm kind of sad to see it go.  But onward and upward to celebrating December and all the awesomeness that comes with the spirit of Christmas.

(Happy Birthday Momo!)

(MTV Video Awards, Nails, and Cocktails)

(Holiday Cheer, Jono goes Asian, Shrum's, Boilermaker)

(Dufours, Snowman, Birth of a new project)

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thea said...

Looks like you're working on those Chevrons! way to go. Love the bowling ball picture!