The 2013 List

I've been doing this now for four years. I have yet to finish everything on any list. But it's still fun to have mini goals and to make a list of things I want to accomplish for the upcoming year.  I know plans change and so do goals but it's still good to shoot for something.  I am particularly fond of including people I love on the list so I make sure and do things with them.  Especially those who I don't see near enough - sadly I cant really include everyone or my list would be 5200 not 52.  Anyhow here we go.
1. Get Married. - Done
2. Basketball with Sammie. I went and saw Sammie play considering this done.
3. Purge some things not worn or used in a year. - Complete
4. Make 10 quilts (clearly last years 12 was too ambitious) . - One, Two, Three,  (Sadly 3/10)
5. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
6. Take 365 photos (yes I'm trying this again). - FINISHED JUST MISSED A FEW
7. Be spontaneous with Amy. - DONE
8. Family Vacation. - Thanksgiving Trip.
9. Goodbye party/dinner for Jono and  LoLo. - Goodbye and Glowgolf
10. Paint the Master Bedroom.
11. 25 first dates (as a married couple). - Pretty sure we are finished or close. We never officially counted though. 
12. Add Dustin's family to the Wall. - Added. 
13. Volunteer at _________.- Volunteered for the Drumstick Dash Promotions, At Wheeler and at Church.
14. Walk or Run 700 miles. - Done although I lost count of exact miles - I did run 124.
15. Spend time with Gpa.
16. Install the master bedroom door. - DONE
17. Girl Time with Katie, Molly and Maggie - ONLY KATIE
18. Organize my headbandcollection - ORGANIZED
19. New restaurant with Queen and Ricky
20. Pinterest project with Kathleen - Completed
21. Bike ride - Done
22. Memory Jar - Started/Finished although rather poorly toward the end of the year.
23. Finish Jono's Quilt - Done
24. Build a Kitchen Table
25. Improv Quilt Project with Thea (yup that's right). - I actually made blocks - moving to 2014
26. Project Life. - 10 weeks missing but I will finish in 2014
27. Unplug for a few days.
28. Birthday celebration for Dustin. - Omaha and Bacon Party
29. Celebrate Lita’s 21st. - Done
30.  Have a PhotoBooth. - Wedding Photobooth.
31. Slide on a slide.
32. Continue working towards those 52 books.- I'm reading book 29
33. Volunteer at Wheeler. - Done.
34. Drink water (yes I’m giving up soda again). - I'm down to 1-2/week and trying for 12 glasses of water this is a stretch.  Considering this done.
35. Celebrate Schreve’s Graduation. - Schreve moved to Australia.
36. Stand next to Dustin in the Homecoming Photo. - We missed homecoming.
37. Drive In Movies. - Complete
38. Have a sleepover. -Done
39. Go Swimming in a lake or the ocean. - Lake and Ocean Check.
40. Make something.- Done
41. Give it (#40) away. - Done
42. Take Kemi for a brownie and ice cream. - Complete
43. Open time capsules with Kim and Jeanne. - OPENED
44. Cross off another state I’ve never been too.
45. Do Thea’s $1 challenge for a month.
46. Whitewater rafting with Dustin.
47. Learn to knit socks.
48. Sunday Breakfast.
49. _____________ with JJ. - JJ and I played Monopoly and watched Sharknado on family vacation and he helped with our wedding DONE.
50. ____________ type of adventure with Momo. - Family Vacation, Christmas Lights, I'm sure assorted other.
51. Bake something with LoLo - done.
52. Make a new list. - DONE



thea said...

soooo what's this improv quilt? do tell. Great list. I like the really hard things, like your 700 miles, and then the not so hard things, like sliding on a slide. If you come to my house we've got 3-4 slides across the street ...

Anonymous said...

You amaze me that you do 50% or better. - kellie