#babyburf Nursery Paint and Floors Done

Feeling very acomplished to have finished painting and the floors in the babies room.  Dustin is much more on board with the hardwoods now that they are done (he actually asked if we could rip out the carpet in Troys room next).  
I originally was going to go with black and white only on the walls but then Dustin wanted Blue and we got to the store and green was added too.  
We had seen on Pinterest this technique for potato stamping and thought it looked cool.  Turns out it's waaaaay harder than it looks.   We ended up tossing the potatoes after like 8 imprints and just freehanding our circles.  It was a major Pinterest Fail, but we saved it.  However we stopped with one wall only.  

There is one blue, one green, and one white wall, and then the circle accent wall.  I love that it's not perfect.  

The floors are the original oak hardwoods.  I scraped off the old paint drips with an extacto knife. Then I cleaned them three times with ammonia. There wasn't any sealant on the floor so I didn't sand them.  Dustin then applied several coats of a high quality polyurethane letting it dry in between.  I think they look great for floors over 60 years old that have been hiding under carpet for the last 30+ years.  I found remenants of both a weird green carpet and a sexy red shag both such lovely options when I ripped out the carpet.  The room also has been a pastely Seafoam, a peach and yellow, plus our former colors tan and chive through the years. It's fun seeing the history of this house.  

Anyhow I am now excited to get his crib set up and move in his other furniture so the room is ready when he comes.  Oh and if you didn't notice I also need to replace the outlet covers and register - I'll get there.  

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thea said...

love the room .. and the floors look great!