10 iPhone Photos Day 14 - Goodbye London Goodbye Europe

Well yesterday we left London and returned home it took almost 24 hours to get here but we made it back. It was sad to leave a big part of me wanted to just buy a ticket to elsewhere and continue traveling but the responsible side of me said I better get back to work and real life.  We had a magical trip and I hope Momo enjoyed herself.  Sorry we didn't go to Siberia too Momo but I have little desire to visit there.  Back soon with some SLR photos which are just as fun but photo quality is better than these I have been sharing, but here are 10 from yesterday too I took a ton from our hotel window in the morning because the view was awesome...



thea said...

Love the first two photos. They look like postcards or like they are fake. Really cool. and the "mind the gap"; how British. and the guard saying goodbye. great pics. Looks again like you had a wonderful time.

~ Val @ PinkPlease! ~ said...

Will you send me an email so I have your email address?
Val dot campbell dot 4320 @gmail.com