Taking in Bath

Bath was another stop of our Western UK tour. Somehow we didn't make it there two years ago when Jono and I were strolling the countryside visiting Wonders of the World. But this time I made it to Bath.  We wandered around the town.  We toured the Assembly Rooms (which might I recommend skipping unless you are just into old timey fashion)  the rooms are not that spectacular for the price and the museum that accompanies it is rather lame - I found the Post Office in town more exciting. We also went to the Roman Bath and the Abbey - which was rather neat it made me want to go to Italy.

We visited the Jane Austen Museum Momo was having a good time with these old timey chaps.
And look I did make it into a photo on this trip.
Here is the Bath Circus, which took 35years to build.

And the Assembly Rooms
The cartoons on the walls might have been the most interesting thing inside.
Someone wore this wedding dress.

The Abbey
The Roman Baths

A field trip - they apparently walk to the Bath in those little yellow vests carrying their lunches too cute.
Street Entertainment
Inside the Roman Bath

We did NOT drink from the pump after learning that the walls of the bath are lined in lead.
We saw this amazing quilt that was all the monarchs and their history - I wish I could have gotten a better photo.
Here's a close up of some of then hand stitching.


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