The Other Oxford

I really enjoyed our trip to Oxford. I wish we had more time there so we could have seen some of the university and David could have shown us his college. The town itself is much bigger than our Oxford and it has it's own charm.  I loved loved the bikes. People rode them everywhere and parked them everywhere too.  But having driven to the park and ride I know why they ride their bikes.  The road is so skinny. 

Momo she spent a good deal of the trip seeming to be in this state of confusion.  I don't know if it was the foreign country bit or just her in a fog.

These gargoyles are kind of spooky.  But they are ever so cool I wished I knew who they all were.
Bikes Bikes Bikes
This is where they had some kind of theater or music performances although I cannot remember the name of the building but notice spooky gargoyle.
Here I am at one of the college.  Notice the three indian men on right - just before this picture was taken I posed for a series of photos with them - of course momo didn't snap any just they did.  But I'm sure they will enjoy forever their photos with random American girl from Oxford, Ohio.
More and more bikes.

Here I am talking to my Indian friends again. 

The radcliff camera sadly it was closed for classes.
some other college.
momo stole this bike (not)


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