Movie - 50/50

So the other night I went and saw 50/50.  I wanted to see it particularly because Joshua Gordon Levitt was in it and I loved him in 100 Days of Summer (I love that movie rent it if you haven't see it).   Anyhow back to 50/50.  This is a comedy about a guy who gets cancer and how that changes his life.  Cancer not usually a funny topic, but the characters in the movie make it surprisingly lighter.  It was funny without being over the top and there was a heartwarming sadness about it too.  I am not ashamed to admit I did cry for a split second.  Oh and I'm not a huge Seth Rogen fan - but I didn't mind his vulgarity or humor in this movie because it was balanced out with Joshua's character.
Anyhow overall I would see this again - it's not 100 days of summer but still worth the $10 to see it in the theater.


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