Early Fall in iPhone Photos

This fall has proved itself to already be insane already here in Jones and Co Land ...
I haven't been able to finish anything on my lists. 
I have been sick something like three times. 
My travel plans have continually been changed. 
My daily life plans change on a whim.
But if there's one thing I have learned it's I better roll with the punches. 
So I do anyhow. 
I wanted to share a few iPhone Photo moments because I know it's pissing Jono off I haven't shared the bar crawl yet and I want to piss him off more.  I think he should be patient - I scheduled that for a post while I'm traveling in the next two weeks so hah brother.
Now for some iPhone Loveliness.
Jono and Bri-town in the B-Rip
Thank you I will Enjoy!
Mannequin's at Macy's have nipples and six pack abs (because you know you need to know what this shirt would look like on you if you too had a six pack).
A Bench in a Bathroom - Huzzah!
Yes I'll take a Pork Slap

Last game of the season, notice Shanky on 1st.
Friend Brother Brother time - someone forgot to tell Bri that it was pink shirt day.

IMQG's meeting - Check out the IMQG blog for more more awesome details.

I have friends that are Siamese twins. 
Oh wait maybe they aren't.

Boston from the island.
The Bridge to Casa
Downtown Boston


thea said...

need to check out the indy quilt guild .. love the brotherly pictures.

Jodie said...

you take the best iphone pictures! i do so enjoy looking at them!