Favs - The Gangs All Here!

Get ready for some scheduled posts. This being the first.  
Today's Fav is about my family.  We're all in Indy this weekend to celebrate my brother Schreve's marriage to Alicia.  And this just makes me happy.  I'm so blessed to have a big family that I love.  They are each my best friends, we have been thru some good times and some rough.  And tomorrow we grow and officially 5 siblings becomes 6.   I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for us as we get older.   Here's to happy times in Indy this week. 
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Jodie said...

Happy Wedding Weekend to all!

Shay said...

Am I seeing double there?

Family is really the only thing that matters when you come down to it. Im so glad you're excited about gaining another family member. Have fun with the celebrations.