Year of the Penguin - Leaving a Penguin For Someone Else

So way back in August. I know that was soooo long ago. We had our 7th penguin adventure of the year. A Penguin Adventure in which throughout our Family Vacation we left penguins everywhere we went in a "guerrilla art" kind of adventure.   We left them on signs, in restaurants, in our hotel room, in our cabin, in the rental car etc.  It's hope when someone finds each of the penguins they smile and should we ever return to the same spot the penguins make us smile.  Sadly my photos of the penguins places were not so stellar.  But never mind that it was still a fun adventure and I hope if it brightens one persons day than it was successful.

PS Right now I'm in Denmark hanging with the Danes. I'm so giddy excited about it as I schedule this two weeks earlier I can't contain myself.

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thea said...

So the posts aren't live?? I thought maybe you were doing this while on your travels. Hope Denmark is all you hoped .. or all your mom hoped anyway.