10 iPhone Photos Day 8 - Malmo Shopping and Tivoli Gardens

On day 8 we went shopping in Sweden. We heard that it was the place to do the shopping so we did. I found this delightful department store where they sell all sorts of lovely things and beautiful Swedish fabrics!  I wanted to buy them all but I settled on just a few.  I also found two other stores that sold fabric but I had already spent all my Swedish money at that point and I refused to exchange more because we were heading back to Denmark, but we can take the train back if we have time or if the mood strikes me.  I also loved their christmas gnomes I wanted christmas to start pronto when I saw them they are so adorable. We also went to Tivoli Gardens which we were not so impressed with it - perhaps it was the rain or the fact we didn't really want to ride the rides or see the shows of the day and their ferris wheel was NOT so impressive.  But we continue to have a brilliant time and I'm so blessed to be able to take this trip with my momo.


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Mandy Crandell said...

Wow! Loving these shots! My favorite is definitely the pumpkin on the building. :)