Shades of Purple Quilt

Just picking the fabric for this purple quilt was a challenge for me.  I am just not in love with purples.  But I like how it turned out and thanks to my Aunt Thea working in my garage sweatshop, they got it before their 1 year anniversary.  
Sorry the photos are so wrinkly but folded it up to wrap it and then I remembered to photograph it outside.  Fabrics are mostly Kona solids + some Michael Miller gray, and some Koffman Strip and two random dots I found.  And it was a success because Mr and Mrs liked it they were very impressed it was soft and useable and couldn't decide if they would use it or hang it.  And again THANK YOU so much for helping get this done Thea you are super awesome!  And to my friends at the IMQG for picking out purple fabrics.


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thea said...

I feel totally privileged to have been able to help you with it. I am so glad they like it. Have a wonderful European trip!