Why NOT Bristol?

People keep asking where are the "real" photos from our trip. Believe me there are plenty of these I'm not going to bore you to death with all 2000+ instead I'll just share some from each location, here's the first of the series.
Our first stop was Bristol so many people during this trip asked "Why did you go to Bristol?" And I kept thinking "Why NOT?"   We'd never been to Bristol the country was our oyster ideally I would have like to go to like Hadrian's wall but we didn't really have time.  Bristol is in the Western UK it's rich in history and culture maybe it's not a happening tourist spot like London but I think that's exactly what I enjoyed most about Bristol.  We found good food, good fun and enjoyed being in Bristol despite the episodes of us getting lost in the city.  We saw many things here are a few highlights...
We were staying right next to this church which was beautiful despite that it needs a bath.
The University had this unicorn art which I appreciated.

Perhaps sometime I will cycle the UK national cycle network sounds brilliant.
We found art.

The colorful houses along the river are adorable.
People drink Blackcurrant Capri Sun - I can't say I wanted to try it.
Shout out to a place called Sergio's - This Asparagus was heaven wrapped in prosciutto and covered in some kind of sauce and cheese. 
I got some kind of vegetarian pasta because it sounded interesting and snails did not - it was awesome - you can't tell from the photo but under the bowties was squash, zucchini and mushrooms and the sauce again was to die for.
We saw some Bansky art did you know they think Bansky is from Bristol?
We stayed at this Marriott with a status of Victoria out front.
Our view in the morning.

The Suspension Bridge - we couldn't find it the first day we tried until we were under it  but it did not allude us the second time around.

Walking across it was awesome the view was amazing! - It was a little make you dizzy though.

We went to a museum called Mshed which we loved - this was one of my favorite exhibits it was by photographer Martin Parr.
The view from MShed was also great.


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