Dear Jono & Anyone Else Who Cares

Dear Jono - 
We haven't talked about music in a while and I had some bands I wanted to tell you about.  First up is a lovely little British band called Pegasus Bridge.  They have a guy who plays ukelele which is uber awesome (speaking of ukelele I think I want one for Christmas).  Anyhow this song Yoko is pretty cool so is one called Skinny.
This band Life on Film was also featured by Burberry Acoustic (which is a cool series in and of itself check it). They are also brits I like the song Get Closer too. 
There's also Matthew & The Atlas,  I actually like the son I will Remain Better but I couldn't find it online.
I think I told you about this guy before but I'm not sure you remember him.  But Eric Hutchinson is more poppy than folky but he's still awesomesauce.
And there's also good old awesome Elvis.  This is one of my favorite Elvis songs... but there are many other good ones.
And just for good measure we can't have enough of these guys - Avertt Brothers.  This might be my favorite one but Paranoia in B Minor also brilliant.
That's all for now brother happy listening. 

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