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So my brother got married the other day and we added another member to the Jones and Co Family. We all got all dolled up and had a good time the whole day long. I decided I needed a beehive for the wedding, Joan from Mad Men style. I think the hairdresser about died when I sat down and said "I want a beehive".  I am not entirely sure she had ever done one and then I showed her a picture and she was less nervous. Anyhow it turned out super cute and it matched my dress so it was a win win.  Anyhow congratulations to my brother and his new wife.  I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon as much as we are enjoying our trip in Europe.
 And now for a bunch of photos...
Chris and I wanted some skateboarders to do some stunts for us.  They however were NOT having it, but they loaned us their skateboard.
We did some family photos while waiting for the ceremony.

This one is one of my favorites I love that you can see the smoke from Chris's Cigarette.

I think this is my mom's "nun" pose.
The wedding posse.
This is so Schreve.
JJ was the best waiter and doesn't he look sharp?
And Lita looks so cute in her curls.

I requested a special number from my brother Schreve,  complete with a spin kick sadly it doesn't translate to film but the video will be priceless.

Jono and Uncle Paul

We had Queeny take some family photos of us.

And we danced and danced

And a traditional foot shot.
Sadly the glass slipper didn't fit.


thea said...

Great pics -- I especially like the wedding posse ..

Mandy Crandell said...

These are fantastic! Everyone looks so happy. And hooray for brothers getting married. ;)