Things I bet you wished I blogged about...

Somethings will never actually make my blog they get edited out for various reasons.  But I do document them into lists on my phone, because as I tell my brother I'm a historian even if it's just a historian of my history.  And sometimes the list is interesting enough to share just the list.  You might remember the first few of these I shared here and here.  
  • We must do it because the terrorists can't win.
  • I can't sit next to these people they say "coloreds" far too often
  • Congratulations on being a dad!  What! What do you mean you don't have a baby? 
  • Who's sock is this?
  • I'm screaming but they can't hear me because I'm missing a certain member
  • Sorry it's been three years but happy birthday!
  • Did I really drive across the state at midnight for you to tell me I don't have my reservation.
  • Faijita night at the "Brothel"
  • Next to the shiny theater don't you know
  • Hi this is Katie.  Who?  Katie.  Who?  You know JEMS.  Oh yes let's talk...

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thea said...

I would wish that if I could understand what they mean ..