14 on 14 - March

The 14th snuck up on me yesterday.  I swear I am still back in February.  Anyhow it was pretty much a regular day.  Here's the 14 photos snapped.  
1 - breakfast Cherrios (ps I like multigrain x10 better than regular)
2 - the attendance list printed for my virtual classes (work)
3 - weird lunch of BBQ rice and cheese.  I ended up tossing an egg on top for added protein and mixing it up.
4 - attempting to dislodge the BBQ stuck in my teeth  
5 - I called our governor about the central Indiana transit bill
6 - quilt basting
7 - discard scraps
8 - and we're quilting
9 - we went bowling with Dustin's old friend.  I got out my 1999 bowling shirked aren't the awesome?
10 - beech grove bowl
11 - Dust was chilling
12 - I took some measurements for a project 
13 - I also made a sketch
14 - bedtime
This month I found it slightly easier to snap all the photos but at first I was worried because at 5 pm I had taken 4.  But it does get easier.

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