WIP Wednesday - Babyburfs Nursery

No progress on quilts while we were out of town but right before we left Kathleen and I started painting in the babies room.  A few before shots.  This room was our guest room with my office/sewing room.  It wasn't really this messy before but when you think you can paint without emptying the room this happens.    
We put up the primer on all the walls (never mind our crappy job of it) and now comes the fun stuff.  I hope to get the paint up in the next week so I can move the guest bed back in and the big shelf from our room too because that's where my new work from home space will be.  Until then I am bouncing from the sofa to the kitchen and back.  I am also super jazzed because we found a friend who can seal the living room floors and the still carpeted bedrooms for a super reasonable price.  SCORE! 
Oh and if anyone has any suggestions for if I should cover the mirrored closet doors, remove them or just leave them let me know?  I was thinking whiteboard or chalkboard paint could be fun, or maybe a stripe of some sort.  

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thea said...

I think replacing the doors is a good idea ...