Project Life 2014 - February

I finally finished up my project life for February. I thought I would do one of those fancy triangle pages seen on Pinterest.  That proved way more complex then I had planned you really need to plan it well since you sew in the photos and paper.  But I like how the triangle pages turned out.
It's very interesting even though I had to trim off important bits of the photos.
I also made my own page protector to house the 14 on 14 photos this was also more challenging then I like but I love it (and then I only used 12 of the prints lol).

I have been saving bits of paper and cards etc and so I decided I would likely save all of these in a pocket page for each month.  So I created one it's just a regular 8.5x11 page protector sewn smaller so my cards and notes, and paint chips don't slide out as easily.  I hope to continue this for each month if I have interesting bits to include.
Anyhow that's February documented.  

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