WIP Wednesday - Purging, Nursery, Spareroom

So the flu got me after our return from our trip.  Which makes the progress on things around here sloooooowwww.  But things are happening: 
+ Dust's building a new gym which will share space with my garage studio so I have been trying to purge a little out there.  I got rid of about 95% of all random school books, papers etc I had done dating back to my freshmen years of high school.  Seriously who wants to read my flash cards about the French Revolution? Not me.  I kept only things I truly thought special.
+ I am also working on consolidating my crafting/art supplies.  While it's nice to have a mini supply store I have found much of what I have I am not actually actively using, nor do I really love, nor will I use it.  So supplies like floral arranging, beading, art journaling knicknacks, purse/belt making supplies will soon be sold or moving on to the local goodwill. 
+ I am very torn about what I want to do with my rubber stamp collection.  This is a very expensive part of my craft supplies but honestly I am not using a good deal of these and they take up a massive amount of space.  I am especially partial of my alphabets which I easily have over 100 sets of.  They get used more than the images I have; but they also take up a huge amount of space and will I ever stamp 100 different letter "b"s not very likely.  For now I am keeping them although I did pair down a few sets of stamps that just aren't really my style to purge.  I still need to decide what makes the most sense with these.
+ In addition to all the action happening in the garage the Babyburf's room now has two walls painted one blue and one green.  I am hoping Kathleen wants to help me finish with the other two this week.  Especially since we'll be buying the crib and maybe dresser this weekend!  
+ We also are clearing out some space in the guest room too.  As we have other news in that we're getting a new roommate starting next week.   Even though Dust and I had discussed that the next person to room with us would selfishly be our child and that we would stop having the random revolving door of roommates/houseguests.  Sometimes God has other plans, we recently had the opportunity to help out a friend.   And we both felt like it's the right thing to do, so he is coming to live with us for a little while and so that's also a new project in the works.  

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