#4 Babymoon - Oh Seattle Why Didn't Someone Warn Me to Leave My Winter Boots

For some reason I decided of all days while we were on our Babymoon the day we went to Seattle would be the day I wore my winter boots.  Bad plan!  First off it was about 45 degrees and rainy the entire time we were in Seattle.  They say this is normal.  I however found my feet sweating since my boots are fur lined.  In addition they got wet both outside and inside (rain duh).  We also walked up and down hills and while winter boots helpful for walking in snowdrifts they are not so comfortable on hills. The entire time I was thinking barefeet would be better.  
Regardless though we saw ourselves Seattle.  We of course went to the public market and did some shopping at the little stalls.  We had lunch at some seafood oyster bar.  Where I ordered chicken ;). Dust got coffee.  I bought a souvenir Christmas ornament and took random pictures.  We discovered where three of their homeless missions were (accidentally).

We saw the fish throwers.  Sadly the crowds were bigger than the buyers but we saw some throwing.

I wanted to ride the Ferris wheel but I did not want to figure out how to get there from where we were and I most definetly nixed walking in with my sweaty wet boots.
Isn't this menu adorable?  It's on a paper sack.  Love love I almost stole it.
We saw the space needle but refused to pay the $19/pp to go to the top when it was so dreary outside.  
Instead we saw protesters and art in the nearby park.
I found a big thing accidentally when trying to find a gas station.  Who doesn't love a giant paddle ball.  
We went to Archiee McPhee.  It's a ridiculous novelty store.  They have any kind of random ridiculous items.  And my personal favorite a old fashion photobooth where using their props is encouraged.
We ate dinner at some other seafood joint just outside of Seattle on the shore.  I did venture to have clam chowder but Dust had to eat my big clam bits.  Dustin ate like 10 different types of seafood at the request of the people we talked to there and I got the cheeseburger ;)
It was a good day trip.
PS these might be my favorite photobooth snaps of us from the whole trip.


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