#4 Babymoon - The Gorge - Where's my Winter Boots Now

So Portland is right next to the Columbia River Gorge, home to some beautiful picturesque landscape and like 27 waterfalls.  Also it's near Mt. Hood.  One morning we took a trip there leaving Portlands sunny 60 degrees only to arrive and discover freezing cold and snow.  So much snow that some roads we tried to take were closed.  And naturally guess who had inappropriately put on Toms that morning?  You guessed it me!  

Once we pulled into the parking lot if what we had intended to be our third stop but due to closed roads was our first, I quickly discovered I was going to have very cold feet as we plunged into snow and ice covered sidewalks.  Multanomah Falls was gorgeous even in the snow we did not hike much because everything was so slippery.
But we did meet a nice lady who graciously offered to snap our photo together and was very excited we were babymooning. (Notice my sunglasses they were needed about 30 miles back in Portland here not so much).    Everything under the falls seemed to be covered in a lush green moss, which I found very pretty in contrast to the snow.
After that we saw a bit more of the Gorge but with my wet shoes and the icy conditions we stayed mostly on the few shoveled paths before leaving for better conditions.


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Mandy Crandell said...

How beautiful!