#15 Build a Kitchen Table

2 years ago I remodeled my kitchen, getting rid of my overly large table replacing it with a temporary folding table.  Today I replaced that with a table built by me only took two years.  I built the table from steel pipe, screws, and scrap wood.  This project was relatively simple the hardest part being removing the stickers that come on the pipe (they are resilient to even goo gone) and dealing with a piece of crooked wood.  I also had an issue with a t pipe that was Mis-threaded throwing the balance off.  I basically sketched my plans, bought the pipe and revised my plans and followed these instructions - http://homemade-modern.com/ep03-wood-iron-table/ 
I built it counter top height intentionally because I want to utilize it as extra counter space when cooking and really honestly nobody sits in the kitchen and eats.  Anyhow I love it already.   And next time I will not wait two years.

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