#4 Babymoon Portland

I've wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest for a long while.  Plane tickets however have always been ridiculously high it actually was cheaper for tickets to Europe in recent times than to Portland or Seattle?  I know crazy stupid.  When Dust and I talked about where to go on our Babymoon/Burfday trip we just decided to keep the costs at/or near the amount we had on the Delta Vouchers that were expiring $300/pp.  I figured we'd end up someplace like Detroit or Minneapolis for that price.  But surprisingly tickets to Portland were under the amount with taxes too, even after I procrastinated to like 3 weeks beforehand.  So we went ahead and bought the tickets.   
The trip out was uneventful despite Delta not allowing us to pick seats next to each other because I automatically get upgraded with my status a nice flight attendant fixed us up. We left a 15 degree Indy with threat of new looming snow storm to arrive in a 55 degree blue sky and sunny Portland.  Dust immediately decided that Oregon was perfect and continued to call it that the entire trip. 

We started out our trip eating because A) we were starving (11 am in portland is 2 in Indy and we had breakfast at like 2 am Portland) & B) because there are things to eat in Portland.  Jono immediately commented that it seemed like we were on a Anthony Bourdain Layover and just planned to eat all of Portland (we're saving this adventure to do with you and Lo Jono).

No trip to Portland is complete without a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts.  I must admit the they had many varieties and fun options but I still think that NYC Doughnut Plant's Pistachio is my favorite.  Here are a few we tried - Captain Crunch and Maple Bacon.  
We did the Trail, Tram, Train Trolley tour or at least our modified version of it.  But it gets you around to various parts of the city.  I must say I actually took out my SLR camera for this trip however for the first oh 150 photos I snapped I was taking photos on some weird manual setting and my photos were blurry like these photos from the tram.   When you just snap photos sometimes you don't even notice the blur until like the next day!  DOH.  

This is the only photo I took of Nokita and Josh and look it's blurry.  Dustin I think got a few others so that's good at least. 
We also visited some breweries where Dust shared some samplers with our friends Nokita and Josh.  I actually tried several of the homemade root beers although I have to say I actually sent two of them back they were so horrible.  Portland might be known for a mircobrew but it lacks a little something when it comes to root beer brewing.
We did some shopping and just general wandering around the city.  Which is larger than I initially thought.  They like Indy only have a handful of skyscrapers but they seem to have a much larger downtown urban scape than us.  

Back soon with more from our trip.

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thea said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Not sure about those donuts .. Cap'n Crunch??