Book 30 - How to be a Women

It's been so long that I read anything outside of a blog post or new article that I had to look up what book I am actually on.  But alas I finished one this week and with Dusty out of town again I may finish another one or even two. 

This book "How To Be a Women" by Caitlin Moran was #30 (imagine my surprise when I discovered that my list has been misnumbered and I'm actually one more ahead that I thought woot woot).  
There were parts of this book where I whole heatedly agreed with Caitlin's viewpoints i.e. Her stance on purses, and shoes and even babies but other parts that were a little but raunchy or I don't take the same position.  
But overall it was good writing and a well crafted piece that takes a look at women today and points out ways we need to improve as women and how we can be better feminists.  Anyhow moving right along on my quest to 52 books.

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