#4 Babymoon - Oregon Coast Someone Likes the Goonies

Another thing we did on our trip was visit the Oregon Coast.  Dustin specifically wanted to visit the Where the Goonies was filmed (I actually while have seen the Goonies it was not particularly a movie I loved or really remembered).  But we still went to the Oregon Film Museum and saw where Goonies was filmed seemed there's a big Goonies following?   We also went to Seaside and a few other stops along the way.  It was a weird day where like for 20 minutes it would be sunny and clear then the next twenty raining and misty and back again.
It was a good way to spend the day.

We ended our trip with Dustin getting food poisoning which was dreadful but it meant we spent the last of the trip just kind of chilling before we return.  

Anyhow the Pacific Northwest was great and I am so glad we now have been I hope we get to go back sometime. 

And actually with the completion of this trip I have now been to 43 states or maybe 44 I think - so close to the 50 tour which is on my 100 things list!  Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, and New Mexico I am coming for you next (although maybe not in that order).


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