WIP - Progress is Progress

Wednesday already huh?  Time is floating by so quickly.  I have made progress on things around here although not as much as my liking.  
Things in Progress:
#babyburf room - all painting but the molding and touch-up is officially done.  We had a major Pinterest fail on the emphasis wall but Kathleen and I emphasized and boom it was remedied although not to perfection.  I will share photos soon.
The Girlfriend Scrapvomit Quilt - got basted and I started the quilting on this one day last week when the idea of painting made me ill.  It's probably actually 4 hours from finished.  Yay on that!
Purging - I kind of stopped with this right after I found a bin of fabric that can be used to finish the Sushi Quilt.  I still easily have 5-10 shelves/bins I should go through but Dust got his gym set up around my mess.  I do have this on my to do list to finish though.
Kitchen Table - This project should have been super simple.  I did my research I sketched my plans.  Then I tried to buy the supplies.  I needed trips to 4 home improvement stores (no one place had enough of what I needed).  I also went to 4 salvages looking for interesting wood for the top.  I did hand select some old hardwoods for it however I am like 1sq foot short and I may scrap that component completely from my design.   But I have the top and legs mostly assembled however my drill battery died mid screws last night so it's on hold while it charges up.  
Other Projects - 
+Finished up some secret bridal shower crafts for Lo's shower (photos soon).
+Bought a book for #babyburf to create his own baby book.  I am going to do this in a simple style.  I pulled a bunch of random supplies that have been designated for this project. 
+ new Roomate mostly moved in.  Check 
Onward and upward into the week. 

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