Shower Decor For Lo

Well I couldn't go to Lo's shower in Ohio this weekend but I did take some time and make some decor for her mom.  Both were Pinterest projects or my adaptation of them.  
This first one was super simple it's basically card stock mounted on card stock linked with brads and tied up with lace (blue lace that once belonged to my grandma).  It's hanging from our wedding cutout just for lack of a better place to photograph it.  
This second one was a little more challenging I wanted Los mom aka "Momlo" to be able to change things out if she wanted so I made the quote interchangeable and everything can be swapped out and reused easily too.  The frame was a scratched one at Hobby Lobby for like 75% off.  The quote is something that reminds me of my brother and they went to red rock last year to see the Avett Brothers.  This actually has an easel too but works leaned up against a wall too.  Paper, ribbon and dolly all from my stash photo from they engagement pics.
And as a bonus I am considering this one of the crafts for the 2014 List so boom 2/4 donezo!

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