The Third Trimester - #babyburf

Well I crossed over into the third trimester a few weeks back now. So I thought it was time for some more baby update: 

  • My baby is measuring big still which does not cause me any real concern. I think that perhaps they should tell me not what the average baby's size is but calculate based on our genetics and makeup what he should be.
  • My immune system is all out of whack, despite working from home and coming in contact with many less germs and having the flu shot I have had the flu twice now. 
  •  Heartburn and I are pretty much inseparable. Blueberries even seemed to give me heartburn the other day. I'm pretty much got the drinking milk and protein thing down although some days the milk is a struggle. 
  •  At the last dr. appointment I've only gained 6.5lbs but I feel as though the scale must be broken because my stomach and boobs seem to be exploding. (Dustin thinks however my thighs are smaller so perhaps there are "small feats", I hope though this doesn't mean my butt is also flatter because I always struggle with that). 
  •  I went to the hobby lobby the other day and someone saw him moving and was like "oh are you due really soon?" That seemed funny to me, I imagine in a month they might be like "is your due date tomorrow?" 
  • He is consistently on the move now too especially when I'm getting ready for bed. 
  • We have finished painting his room and now I need to rip up the carpet so we can decide what to do with the floors and baseboards and actually set-up the room. 
  • I still am struggling with trying to like baby things. I'm confident despite everyone's advice that #babyburf will be just fine even without a plastic bouncer, dumb Disney products or wear goofy mommy loves you and babies love boobies shirts. Maybe at some point I will cave but for now we're going to keep it simple. I'm not intending for him to have a deprived childhood but I don't really think there's a necessity for a $100 plastic activity seat that gives me a panic attack or any of that other stuff.
  • We did get all registered though despite these challenges.  And yes I found towels that didn't annoy me too much.
  • We also bought a rocker/glider chair that looks more like an arm chair and it's probably Dustin's favorite place to sit. We aren't sure if it will go in his room or in the living room yet either, but my girlfriends with kids have said this was the one thing they wished they had bought and didn't so I bought it right first.
  • I am working on making him a baby book that's not really like the traditional baby book I have but a more flexible version - I'll be sharing that soonish. 
  • Dustin will be traveling a bunch for work until the baby comes so we thought I might need a "person".  You know the kind of "person" that goes to the hospital with you when you're in labor and your husband is 5 hours away, the just in case "person".  I asked Kathleen yesterday if she will be my "person" and she said of course, so I got that covered and I'm sure that in a moments notice that Lynley, Amy or Kemi all will step up to fill in if needed too, but it's good to have a dedicated "person".
You can thank Kathleen for the goofy belly picture she has been asking me why I don't post a weekly update of my growing belly so I took one for her.  


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Mandy Crandell said...

Wait, are do "babies love boobies" shirts really exist? That's kind of weird.

I'm excited to see your baby book! I bet it'll be wonderful and unique.