White Trash Activity - WWE Live

This weekend we went on a mini road trip to fulfill our white trash activity of the year (sorry I am not trying to offend anyone with this statement it's just what we call these yearly events).  This year we selected professional wrestling as the event.  And it was quite the show.  We let Dustin buy the tickets and thus we got floor seats and it was also Kathleen's 25 birthday event so win win (#19 on the list).
We kicked off the event with a little BBQ at a place called Scotty Bubs BubbAQue or something like that.  The locals were very welcoming to us there and we had "fried corn" for the first time.  It wasn't my most favorite but the BBQ was good and they had Jeff Foxworthy on the wall.
Dustin's buddy Logan even got to meet us there.  
Then we headed to the Freedom Hall for the big event - WWE Live!  (ps we showed up knowing 2 wrestler names and none of us had seen wrestling easily since 10+ years ago).  Oh and I should also mention Kathleen and I had customized our very own wrestling shirts with supplies from my studio and goodwill $2 shirts they were very fashionable especially derby week in Louisville.  Nothing says awesome like some fringe.
The wrestling was hilarious!  From annoucing of wrestlers to seeing just how staged it is.  Oh and don't get me started on the cute little kids with their plastic gold belts and sweat bands screaming while standing on their chairs for their favorite picks.  My other personal favorite part was the "main event" tag team where the most popular wrestler let his tag team members get "all beat up" then he tagged in and two seconds later he had whooped up on all three of the other teams guys.

Anyhow I can now cross this off my list of things I never really wanted todo but did. ;)  and this might have even been my favorite activity outside the Demolition Derby it's way more fun than SuperCross and Monster Trucks and even the Rodeo.

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thea said...

This is also something that I will not put on my list. Yay for you doing something crazy! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

p.s. I'm taking offense.