WIP Wednesday - #babyburfs room

This week I have made no progress on quilts.  I already posted #babyburf book I started so the only other work in progress is his room.  Which is very much in progress.  
This is because I ripped out the carpets Friday night.  What a difference this makes.  
The carpets have been here longer than me so 10+ years and while I have cleaned them once they were still gross.  This was a big debate for Dust and I as he still feels strongly we should have carpet for the baby - I could not disagree more.  
I won by just ripping them out while he was man timing.  And luckily they are in good shape.   Extra good.   I was very pleased.   Kathleen helped me remove the tack strips and staples and soon they will get a good thorough cleaning, followed by a new coat of seal.  But for now I feel extra lucky they are not rotted or damaged.  I consider that a major win.  

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thea said...

looking good! I thought the first picture was a poster on the wall .. until I read the post.