Book 32 - Super Freakonomics

Holy cow book 32 done!  20 more to go in my 52 quest!  Book 32 was Super Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.  
Let me just preface by saying this book is my jam.  This is the type of book I like reading, sure I also enjoy a memoir and biography and I really got into the Game of Thrones books but this is really the stuff I find interesting.  Its like reading about Detroit and other weird fascinations I have.  When I told Kathleen about it last night I was so excited about it.  
Anyhow let's just say I really enjoyed this book,  it makes me want to re-read Freakonmics.  I strangely thought the economics behind prostution were fascinating.  I also got into the information about Global Cooling solutions and finding cheap flexible solutions,  it makes you wonder where the lobbyists are for these types of ideas and creative thinking.  I know that there are some articles out there about how some of the quotes from scientists and researchers are misrepresented but I still enjoyed the book and would gladly read more on most of the topics covered if they are written in a similar manner.

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