The Girlfriend Scrap Quilt

Let me just say I adore this quilt.  Luckily I adore the recipient as much because otherwise I would struggle with giving it away more than I do.  Before I started this it occurred to me that my gf Lynley has been my constant and loyal friend for over 13 years and I have not yet made her a quilt.  She has listened to me complain about dates, my family, struggles with my faith and oh so much more.  And then I considered why I had overlooked such a great friend why had I not made someone I love like I do her a quilt and it struck me because she has not yet married nor had a baby not had major life traumas.  When that thought popped in my head I immediately wanted push this idea away, and I instantly knew I had to do something about that.  That is not the me I know - I want to celebrate and cherish all my girlfriends whether they want to get married and have babies or not!  I want to give quilts because they are like an extension of me they are essentially my art. 
So I set aside the sushi quilt to start this quilt intending to give Lynley it for her birthday.  Well I missed that date but never mind that it can be the it's not your birthday anymore girlfriend quilt.  I started this to get out of my comfort zone with prints.  This quilt is extra special,  it's extra special because it has pieces of all these other quilts I have made or am making.  
I also super love the binding the newsprint I bought waaaay back in 2008 for the stash and the black pearl 2014 the really worked on this project too.  Anyhow don't be surprised if I start making more super scrappy quilts because I love this.  
PS and now that I have given her the quilt I must add she's getting married this October! 

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thea said...

beautiful!! and congratulations to Lynley!