Because I needed a new project like I needed a whole I my head I started one back in Feburary. I have been following this artist adamjk from adamjk.com on Instagram for a while now and I always love his paper bits from each week.  
And since I already was saving many paper bits for project life I figured this was up my alley.  And now I when I forget to put in my paper bits I can have them in photo form instead which takes up much less space.  
Basically here's how this documentation project works:
1: I save my paper bits each week (I actually usually save them in my phone case and bigger bits in my purse).
2: On Monday (or really whatever day I remember I snap a picture of them).
3: I then Instagram said photo with hashtag #myweekinscraps

That's it.  I actually love seeing my scraps.  I save them all for Project Life however I find sometimes I still forget them and when I do into the trash they go. These are neat little additions to my efforts to record daily life.  If I was still doing a year in a jar I would add these there but that was last year.

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