WIP Wednesday - Quilts and Nursery

I started #babyburfs quilt last week sometime.  The top is all pieced now. It is not even close to my originally intended which was using a solid and making all the farfalles in the prints, but it's growing on me and I also found I did not have enough of the solid anyhow. I am working on finishing the back now.   Maybe I will finish this prior to #babyburf arriving.  (ps again sorry I didn't bother with ironing this.)
Last week I mentioned that floors and paint were done in the nursery.  Well I got the crib assembled (note was slightly less "ebony" than I wanted and was scratched several places when I took it from the box but I was not letting that slow progress).  I have also been bringing furniture back into his room as well. We decided he should have the blue velvet chair that once graced my living room although it will probably go in another spot even though we bought a rocker.  And I have been cleaning out some of the green baskets from the craft room to reuse on the shelf that will eventually move in here.
It's slowly coming together in here.  I found a few prints that I bought at an art fair like 5 years ago that match his room perfectly so I am going to hang them some place.  Won't that quilt be perfect for his room whenever I finish it?  
I also started my MQG Michael Miller challenge quilt but it's not really time to be sharing that just yet. So that's it for now.


thea said...

The room is really coming together. Love his quilt -- the black and white is great!

Mandy Crandell said...

The quilt is looking beautiful!