Dear Blog - Happy 8 Years!

Dear Blog -  
I started this blogging adventure 8 years ago.  Well really 8 years + 6 days.  Since then you have been a constant journal and documentation place for me.  You literally were a"complaint" space for me to vent my tiny ridiculous complaints in the early days, but I discovered my voice and become more comfortable with sharing bits of my life.  You grew and I grew.
Since we met I have really learned more about living and cultivating the life I want to lead.  And while I am entirely sure that you my tiny little blog space are entirely responsible for every change in my life or that I figured it all out yet - but I think you helped me along the way.  I went on adventures I might not have gone on, I set goals, I broke goals, I made lists, I found things I loved, I found things I didn't love, I recorded moments, and all along I found my place, my strides, and I still enjoy typing up things to post on you.  Thanks.    
Anyhow happy belated anniversary blog here's to seeing where we are 8+ years from now.
- Katie   

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