WIP Wednesday - Arrow Quilt/Nursery/Sushi Quilt

So I finished the quilt top for the arrow quilt.  However I have no place to pin it up right now due to the nursery projects in progress.   So I laid it on our bed which makes it hard to photograph.  But here it is.   I have been envisioning the backing in some kind of tangerine orange but alas that is not available in my stash.  So I haven't started it yet.  I might have a yellow vintage sheet that will work but the new gym equipment is blocking that part of my stash.  So it waits.  

The nursery projects - I have been reducing my craft supplies in the nursery so they can move into my closet.  My purging has reduced the active stash from 3 bags to 1 of stash.  And it's organized by project.  Winning. And tomorrow after work - I hope to start ripping out the carpet in the baby's room pending Troy or Dustin getting home early enough to help me swap beds and move the bins around in the babies room tonight.  
Sushi Quilt - I actually started the back of this based on dimensions I estimated (no place to pin fabric up see arrow quilt update).  I am hoping to get this one ready for quilting by the May IMQG event.
(ps I wrote this yesterday but never hit post).

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